13 May

Lot 376: With everything that has been happening lately, I wouldn’t mind a little luck coming my way! This Victorian horseshoe brooch would make the perfect talisman; the fact that it’s set with such beautiful old-cut gemstones is an added bonus.

Lot 94: I’m very particular about how jewellery feels; one of the most important factors is surely whether a piece is comfortable to wear. This teardrop shaped gold pendant is beautiful in the hand and even nicer around the neck! Simple yet elegant it is ideal for every day.

Lot 94

Lot 306: Lucky May babies have emeralds as their birthstone; what better way to wear them than with the added sparkle of a stunning cushion cut diamond. This Art Deco style ring is timeless in its appeal.

Lot 306

Lot 122: It’s always super to find a loose diamond to use however you like – so let your imagination run wild with this stunning emerald cut, certified as being D colour – it really doesn’t get better than that.

Lot 122

Lot 383: A great Art Deco bracelet is one of the most beautiful things to own; the clean lines and brilliant sparkle are a match made in heaven – this one is set with original old cut diamonds throughout making it, a true showstopper of an evening accessory.

Lot 383