Aquamarines in March

Aquamarines in March

08 March




Aquamarines are the birthstone for March and are named after the Latin word for seawater. They share the same family as emeralds and morganites; the main difference is the colour – when blue, they are called aquamarines, while emeralds are green and morganites are pink.


Ranging from light, watery blue, to a striking electric hue, aquamarine can sometimes have a greenish tint. But the ideal colour is an intense, almost pastel blue with even colour distribution, and a richness and depth of hue. Clean and crisp, these are stones that often have few inclusions, and a great deal of sparkle. They can be found as cabochons and beads, but are at their most regal when faceted. Due to the way the rough grows (large, and long), they are often shaped as emerald cuts – and they look particularly striking in larger sizes! Aquamarines are transparent, but careful cutting will show their colour off to its best advantage, showing of lots of sparkle rather than light that just runs straight through the gem.


Aquamarines found in every type of jewellery – although they are used to their greatest advantage in formal pieces, such as Riviere necklaces, chandelier earrings, spectacular cocktail rings and stunning brooches. They feature heavily in Art Deco pieces; the symmetry of their cut fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the time. They looks dazzling with complimentary tones of diamonds and pearls – but also look incredible with contrasting colours of rubies and amethyst.


O’Reilly’s Auction Rooms always have a selection of aquamarines in the monthly auctions – and this month is no different. Here, four beautiful aquamarine pieces going under the hammer at the March auction:
Lot 78; AN AQUAMARINE PENDANT, set with two oval aquamarines, mounted in yellow gold, to a yellow gold back chain €600 – 700

Lot 128; AN AQUAMARINE SINGLE STONE RING, to diamond shoulders, mounted in white gold €1200- 1400

Lot 80; A DIAMOND AND AQUAMARINE PENDANT, the trap cut aquamarine suspended from a diamond line, mounted in white gold, to a white gold back chain €2000 – 2400