Art Deco Gems

Art Deco Gems

30 November

After the devastation of World War 1 the hedonistic Art Deco era blew in to cheer everyone up, the modernistic designs with their clean lines and symmetry replaced the flowing designs of the previous Art Nouveau era. The geometric shapes embraced advances in innovation and machinery and made sense from the chaos of the war – torn period.

We have two beautiful Art Deco jewels which perfectly express and incapsulate the Art Deco style:

Lot 240 are a pair of Art deco Onyx and diamond cufflinks, the faceted onyx stones are edged by milligrain set diamonds giving the illusion of a cube, set in platinum. This is the geometric form at its finest. The contrast between the black and the white is an important factor in the design of the era, the use of platinum allows the stones to be held in place using the minimal amount of metal which gives a fine, light aspect to the setting.

Lot 450 is an Art Deco Onyx and diamond pendant, which opens become a pair of Opera glasses, again in this piece the emphasis is on clean lines and symmetry with delicately set diamonds accenting the black onyx piece.

This jewellery is timeless and never goes out of fashion, it is regularly imitated today, and genuine pieces are becoming harder to find. Either of these pieces would be a beautiful addition to any jewellery collection