Buying diamonds for Investment

Buying diamonds for Investment

26 June

            Certified Diamonds

            An Investment Opportunity



In our forthcoming auction of July 23rd, we have a number of high quality certified diamonds for sale.


  1. Pear shaped; Anchor certified; 3.52, H, VS2. Auction estimate; €30,000 – 32,000.

RRP; €70,000

  1. Round Brilliant Cut; HRD certified; 6.15 ct, I, SI2. Auction estimate; €50,000 – 58,000.

RRP; €110,000

  1. Pear Shaped; EGL certified; 7.11 ct, H, SI1. Auction estimate; €65,000 – 75,000.

RRP; €140,000

  1. Emerald cut; HRD certified; 3.31 ct, F, VVS2. Auction estimate; €60,000 – 70,000.

RRP; €95,000


Buying diamonds at auction represents a sound investment opportunity as estimates on a piece of jewellery usually represent 40 – 50% of the original cost. Buying jewellery also allows the owners to enjoy their investment.

Diamond prices do fluctuate, however they have usually been more stable than other commodities such as stocks & shares.

Buying diamond at O’Reilly’s also offers buyers the comfort of our expert pre – sale advice.