1. Catalogue
  2. Viewing
  3. Auction
  4. Buying
  5. Payment
  6. Collection


1. Catalogue

The catalogue will go online approx. 10 days before the auction and will include description, photograph and estimates for each lot.
Full condition reports are available on each lot by request.
We do not post results of the auction online.

2. Viewing

The auction will be on view the Sunday prior to the auction 12pm-4pm, the day before the auction (Tuesday) 11am-5pm and the morning of the auction 10am-12:30pm. Certain lots can also be viewed outside of these hours by private appointment only. Please phone (01) 453 0311 to make an appointment to view items.

3. Auction

We hold monthly auctions.
The auction starts at 1pm.
Printed catalogues are available at reception.
There will be c.600 lots in the sale and the auctioneer goes through approximately 120 lots per hour.
The bidding steps are generally in increments of 10% of the previous bids.
Raise your paddle number to bid. Please ensure that your paddle number can be seen by the auctioneer.
At the end of the sale or when you are leaving, please return your paddle number to reception.


4.1 Bidding in person

Please come to reception prior to the auction, fill out a registration form and you will be given a paddle number.
If you have registered before, you will be able to get a paddle number by giving your name and address at reception.
Please note, there are often queues for registration, so arrive early to avoid missing your lot.
We are open at 10am on the morning of the auction for viewing. We are also open the day before (Tuesday) 11am-5pm and the Sunday before the auction from 12pm-4pm.
There is 16% premium (incl. of VAT) on top of the hammer price.

You can also download the registration form attached and bring it to reception on the auction date.

4.2 Absentee bids

If you cannot attend the auction you can fill out the absentee bidding form, whereby you would tell us the lot you wish to bid on and your maximum bid. We will bid on your behalf and buy it as cheaply as allowed, taking into account other bids and reserves (if applicable).
There is 16% premium (incl. of VAT) on top of the hammer price.
You can get this form at reception.
You can also fill out an absentee bidding form online. Register an account with us, find the lot you wish to bid on and click “Place a bid”, fill in the required details, we will bid on your behalf under the same conditions as stated immediately above.
Bids below the bottom estimate will not be accepted.
There is 16% premium (incl. of VAT) on top of the hammer price.
This form will cease at 11am on the day of the auction.
You will be phoned the day after the auction (Thursday) if your bid was successful.

4.3 Telephone bids

If the lot estimate is over €2000 then you can bid live on the telephone. Fill out the telephone bidding form attached here. We will phone you approximately five lots before your lot is due and inform you of the live bids on the floor. Please note, for a telephone bid you must be prepared to bid to the lower estimate. Due to demand, we cannot guarantee the possibility to facilitate a telephone bid for every lot.
There is 16% premium (incl. of VAT) on top of the hammer price.
We do not accept responsibility for telephone bids if we cannot get through, so please ensure you can take our call during the auction.

4.4 Live bidding

There is also an option to bid live, through the online bidding platform, Easy Live Auction. You will need to create a separate account with Easy Live. You will have the option to pay a flat rate of £3 or pay 3% commission on top of the 16% commission for bidding with O’Reilly’s.


5. Payment

We accept cash, debit card, bank draft, bank transfer and pre-arranged cheque. We do not accept credit cards.
Please note that debit cards can have daily limits so please check with your bank prior to the auction day.
Please email us for our client account details to set up a bank transfer. Reference: buyer’s surname.
Any account for items purchased must be settled within 10 days of the sale and the items collected within the same.
All lots sold will be invoiced to the name and address in which the paddle has been registered.
We cannot split bills.

6. Collection

If you are coming to the auction you can collect the item 30 mins after you are successful with your bids. Please note, this cannot be done any sooner as it takes time for results and invoices to be produced at reception.
If you leave an absentee bid and are successful, you will be phoned the day after the sale (Thursday). We will not phone you if you are unsuccessful, however, you are welcome to phone us.
Successful absentee and telephone bids can be collected as soon as they are paid for.
Any account for items purchased must be settled within 10 days of the sale and the items collected within the same.
Certain items can be posted out at a charge to the buyer. Postage starts at €12 within Ireland. Please inform reception if you intend your items to be posted out by courier (overseas).

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