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All of O’Reilly’s Auctions are available live through the online bidding platform, Easy Live Auction. The online bidding platform provides the perfect solution to ensure you do not miss out on the lots you want. You will be required to create a separate account with Easy Live Auction and will have the option to pay a flat rate of £3 or pay 3.69% commission in addition to the buyers commission of 18.5% for bidding with O’Reilly’s. The online registration process is quick and simple, just follow these 3 easy steps below

1. Visit

2. Click on ‘Create Account’ – Fill out your details

3. Click ‘Register to Bid’ – Register for an auction and opt to pay £3 sterling or 3.69% (incl. VAT) Commission for live internet bidding. 

*Please Note that these prices are not inclusive of O’Reillys Auction rooms commission of 18.5% see our conditions of sale for more information

Six Easy Steps to Bidding at our Timed Auction:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on ‘Create Account’ located in the top righthand corner of the screen and fill out your details.
  3. Simply navigate to our auction and click on the ‘Register to Bid’ button.
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of ELA and O’Reilly’s Auction Rooms.
  5. After registering you will be sent an email confirming your registration.
  6. Once the auction commences, you can go to the lot you wish to bid on and place your bid.

    Bidding for timed auctions will incur an additional charge of 3.69%. O’Reillys purchasers commission of 18.5% plus Easy Live Auction internet surcharge of 3.69% brings the TOTAL FEES to 22.19% (incl. of 23% VAT) for our online timed auction.

What is a Timed Auction?

In a timed auction the lots can be bid on at any point until the end of the auction. Once the auction starts to close, bidding will stop on lots in 30-second intervals. To avoid bid sniping, last-second bids will extend the closing time of the lot by another 5 minutes.

How our Timed Auction works…

Our Timed Auction runs for 48 hours, beginning at 1pm on Wednesday and ending at 1pm on Friday. All lots can be bid on at any point until the end of the auction. Once the auction starts to close, bidding will stop on lots in 30 second intervals. This means that the auction will officially end at approximately 5pm on Friday. To prevent ‘bid sniping’ last-second bids will extend the closing time of the lot by another five minutes.

Interested in a Lot?  

We recommend clicking the ‘Watch Lot’ button which adds the lot to your ‘Watch List’. This list can be accessed through ‘My ELA’ and is a great way to keep track of lots and be notified if a bid has been placed on them.

Don’t want to wait until the very end of the auction?

Once you have placed a bid on your desired lot, you will be notified by ELA if you have been outbid. This is a great option so you do not have to wait until the very end of the auction and can up your bid if necessary.

How do I pay for my items?

You are required to pay O’Reilly’s Auction Rooms within 7 days from the end of the auction. Payments cannot be made through Easy Live Auctions. On the Monday after the auction, you will receive an invoice by email along with payment instructions. You can also phone us to arrange payment by bank transfer or debit card.

                                Brexit Update

We will continue shipping to the UK using Tracked Insured Post (from €20) or Fedex. Buyers in Great Britain can expect to pay UK VAT at 5% for antiques (pre 1921), or 20% otherwise, to the Royal Mail or courier. Buyers in Northern Ireland are not affected.

We use tracked insured post for lots up to €3,000 to Ireland & Great Britain. Most lots weigh under 500 grams and cost €12 to Ireland, €20 to Great Britain and you can add this to your payment. We plan to ship all such lots to you within a week of payment being received. Alternative arrangements can also be made for bulkier or more valuable items.

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