Coloured Diamond at O’Reilly’s

Coloured Diamond at O’Reilly’s

06 July

Coloured diamonds are having a bit of a moment. Commanding top prices at global auctions, sentiment seems to concur that their value will continue to rise, making them perfect for investment in particular. There is, of, course much to also be said about their beauty – formed in nature, colours can appear in a range of tones and levels of saturations – while hues themselves span the colours of the rainbow, some more rare than others.

Our focus this month is on yellow diamonds, of which we have many beautiful examples in the upcoming auction. The yellow hue comes from the introduction of nitrogen during the diamond’s development – it can range from the lightest tint to heavily saturated (what the industry terms Fancy Vivid), and will often have tints of green, brown or orange to the hue. When all other factors are equal, in general, the more intense the colour, the more valuable the coloured diamond.

Lot 216; A DIAMOND CLUSTER RING BY TIFFANY, the cushion cut fancy vivid yellow diamond to a surround of brilliant cut diamonds, diamond shoulders, mounted in platinum, signed Tiffany, Tiffany box and certificate stating the diamond to weigh 0.98 ct €5000 – 6000

Lot 187; A DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, the pear shaped fancy orange – yellow diamond mounted in 18ct white gold. Together with GIA diamond grading report stating the diamond to be; 1.49 ct €1400 – 1800