Columbian Emeralds at O’Reillys

Columbian Emeralds at O’Reillys

19 August

Columbia is synonymous with the precious gemstone emerald and they are thought to have been mined there as far back as 1000 BC. The ancients considered them a symbol of fertility and immortality, when the Spanish invaded they took the stones back to Europe where they were jewels of royalty. Today, anyone can own an emerald and the rich Columbian deposits show no sign of depleting and are still being mined.

Columbian emeralds are particularly famous for their highly prized bluish green colour and historically have been the most sought after and valuable emeralds on the planet. Emeralds are cherished for their vibrant green colour which results from the presence of Chromium and Vanadium as impurities in the mineral Beryl. The presence of Iron gives the revered bluish tint seen in high quality Columbian emeralds, other examples of gemstones of the Beryl family are Aquamarine and Red Beryl.

As well as colour, other important factors in the value and desirability are tone and saturation; a medium-dark tone and a vivid saturation being favourable. Inclusions and internal fractures are common in emeralds and they are often oiled to mask them, this is an acceptable practice, but it should be noted that hot water and chemicals should not be used to clean them, and rough treatment should be avoided.

We have a number of Certified Columbian emeralds in our upcoming sale;

Lot 176; A three stone emerald and diamond ring, 2.13 ct emerald, diamonds 0.76 ct €8000 – 10,000

Lot 178; A single stone emerald ring, 2.82 ct emerald €9000 – 12,000

Lot 180; A three stone emerald and diamond ring, 2.01 ct emerald, diamonds 2.72 ct €12,000 – 15,000

Or for the smaller budget

Lot 232; A three stone emerald and diamond ring, emerald 0.64 ct, diamonds 0.54 ct €2800 – 3500