Paintings, sculpture, works on paper and prints can all be found at our auctions. A plethora of styles, mediums and artists are carefully selected each month. With a special focus on Irish art, well known artists such as Jack B Yeats, Louis Le Brocquy, Colin Middleton, Nano Reid, Sean Keating, John Behan, and Percy French are amongst some of the highest caliber names to appear in our catalogues throughout the years. 

The most important things to consider when you are consigning an artwork are as follows:

Who is the artist and what is the provenance? It adds great value to any piece if the artist can be identified. For a painting, try turning it around and looking at the reverse, or on the frame for any marks, gallery labels, or other information. Look for a signature on the front, this can appear anywhere on the artwork but is most commonly found in the bottom right corner. On a piece of sculpture, try the base, turn it around and look at it from different angles under a strong light.

Do you have any documentation to go along with your artwork? Perhaps a photo where it appears, a catalogue in which it is listed, a receipt of purchase or anything which can validate its authenticity or add to its provenance. The more legitimate evidence to support a piece and its story the more interesting and valuable it becomes.

How old is the artwork and what is its condition? Signs of age appear in a multitude of forms. The most common sign of an older piece will be discoloration, cracks and general wear and tear. If you are familiar with styles and art movements you can start to put your artwork in to a time frame in which it might have been produced.