Antqiue and Furniture Auctions


Our monthly auctions feature a select edit of Irish and foreign antiques.



Antique, period and vintage furniture

Antique furniture is sought after for its unique character, history, craftmanship and high quality materials. When consigning a piece of furniture there are a number of things to think of.

Examine the condition of the piece. Most antique furniture will show signs of its use over the many years of its life and this is completely acceptable, however generally speaking the better preserved the piece is the better it tends to do in auction.

Where did it come from? Provenance will almost always increase the value of antique item. It plays an essential role in of the world of antiquity, a piece with a story captures many curious minds. Whether the item belonged to a family member, was picked up at a market, or belonged to a person of significance, each story is unique and is always of interest to us.

If an item has particular historical value, then this too is important.

Throughout our monthly auctions you can find a multitude of different items of furniture. We mostly offer smaller pieces such as hall tables, desks, credenzas, console tables, chairs, occasional furniture and mirrors, amongst other items.

Furniture is in our opinion a special form of art; its makers express themselves and their style through the craftmanship of each piece they produce. Subsequently, this piece of art is used by its owners as an expression of their character. It’s dual function as an item of artistic value and functionality gives it a special within our homes.

With a lovely variety of fine quality furniture, O’Reilly’s is a great place to start if you are considering selling or buying antique, vintage and period furniture.