Interest in traditional wrist watches has increased in recent times for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Recent trends have included a move to larger face sizes. Gent’s watches have increased from a typical face size of 25 mm (or one inch) diameter, up to 30/35 mm. At the same time Lady’s watches have increased from 10/15 mm up to a more readable 20/25mm. The tiny watch faces of yesterday are no longer in vogue.

There are three main categories of watches that are sold in O’Reilly’s monthly auctions:

The higher end luxury watches from Patek Phillipe, Omega, Breitling and especially Rolex are increasingly in demand by collectors and investors - or to simply make an impression. There are current shortages in the supply of new models due to Covid and increased in demand, so preowned models are an attractive option. 

The Tag Heuer models are popular with those interested in outdoor pursuits – and range from classic watches and racing-themed chronographs to water-resistant sports models. Then Raymond Weil and Longines have an extensive selection of styles for all occasions – as they say. Prices at auction compare very favourably with retail and of course there is no VAT on preowned items.

Then for gentlemen who wear three-piece suits, pocket watches are de rigueur! Often offered with their accompanying gold chain they can be made from 9 carat or 18 carat gold. They are usually over 100 years old and can still be in working condition.

We have a great selection of watches for sale in our monthly auctions, so we look forward to seeing you!

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