Equestrian Themes at O’Reilly’s

Equestrian Themes at O’Reilly’s

13 July

The use of equestrian themes has long since been popular with jewellery designers; and with eventing season opening up again in Ireland O’Reilly’s have some beautiful pieces to adorn any show jumping or dressage outfit or simply when dressing up to attend an event

The stock tie worn by gentlemen as everyday apparel in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and used in hunting as a safety measure in case of injury  as a temporary bandage for a horse’s leg or a sling for a rider’s arm is still used today in eventing such as dressage. The stock pin was used to secure the knot and there are many different examples from the simple gold pin to very elaborate jewel adorned versions, now they are mostly used as brooches;

Lot 236; A fine example of a ruby and diamond stock pin modelled as a Jockey’s hat and whip €500 – 800 (image)

Lot 236

Lot 194; An early 20th century example, set with pearl and diamond €300 – 500 (image)

Lot 194

The Victorians loved to use symbolism in their jewellery and the use of the horse shoe  as a protective symbol against mis – fortune was very in vogue with the superstitious Victorians and remains popular today as a luck charm today, but remember to wear your horseshoe upside-down or all the luck will fall out! We have several examples in this sale;

Lot 197 – An antique diamond set tie pin, modelled as a horseshoe €250 – 350 (image)

Lot 197

Lot 201; An antique gold pendant, with horseshoe motif €250 – 350 (image)

Lot 201

Or for those on a bigger budget we have a magnificent example of a Victorian emerald and diamond   horseshoe brooch; Lot 207 € 4800 – 6000 (image)

Gucci is well known for using Equestrian themes in their jewellery and clothing, the horse bit being the most popular modern take, we have two examples of the ‘Horse Bit’ strap on G frame Gucci watches; Lots 52 & 57, both estimated at  €200 – 300 (image)

For the Gentlemen; fear not we haven’t left you out! Lot 97 are a novelty pair of enamelled cufflinks modelled as Polo Sticks €380 – 420 (image)

Lot 97

O’Reilly’s have had their own little foray into the show jumping world and have been delighted to sponsor the St. Gerard’s School Show Jumping Competition for the last couple of years;