Good things come in threes

Good things come in threes

12 February

Three Stone Engagement Rings:

If you are looking for something that is not a diamond solitaire engagement ring, but you still want something with a traditional feel, a three stone ring could be the perfect choice for you. This classic design is more than just beautiful, and three stones have become a popular engagement ring choice in recent years. When the three stone engagement ring design was first spearheaded by DeBeers, they put forth the symbolism of ‘past, present and future’. The bigger stone in the middle represents the present and the two stones on either side are the past and future. The three stones can also symbolise friendship, love, and fidelity. Of course, each engagement ring is interpreted and representative of their owner more than anything else.

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Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping Tips:

If you have decided to go with a diamond three stone, the main thing to note is that the three diamonds should work harmoniously together. If one stone stands out because it is slightly yellow, the entire ring might look off-putting. All three diamonds should have equal significance:

  • Choose all three stones from the same colour grade unless you are looking for a contrast in the stones.
  • Do not worry as much about the clarity grade but instead look to see if the stones have any visible inclusions. Make sure they look clear to your eye