Irish Artist of the Month- Markey Robinson:

Irish Artist of the Month- Markey Robinson:

01 April

Markey Robinson has ultimately become one of the most recognisable and consistently saleable painters in Ireland. The Belfast born artist studied briefly at the Belfast School of Art, but mainly learned from his grandfather who was a painter. Robinson worked in various other professions, most notably as an electric welder and lightweight boxer. He was extremely resourceful in sourcing painting materials and many of his works are on bits of plywood or cardboard discarded by shopkeepers. It is estimated that he produced over 10,000 works of art during his lifetime. His painting’s main themes include still life, people in landscapes, usually painted in flat muted colours, and dark outlines in abstract compositions. He exhibited widely at venues including the Ulster Academy of Arts, Belfast Museum and Art Gallery, at The Irish Exhibition of Living Art, Oriel Gallery and Magee Gallery. His paintings can be found in the collection of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Ulster Museum, Queens University and the VHI. 

Lot 613 from our March 2020 Auction

Guide to First-time Irish Art Buyers:

The history and quality of Irish art have made it desirable both internationally and within Ireland. This is especially true for paintings produced by Irish artists, both living and dead. The interest in Irish art, particularly contemporary Irish art, has remained strong and there remains some superb buying opportunities, especially for first-time buyers.

Focus on what you like:

If you’re a first-time Irish art buyer, it’s a great idea to develop your own taste before considering making a purchase. Get out there and start learning about what’s available by visiting galleries and familiarizing yourself with local artists. This is a great starting point to help you decide on what you like and the most important step in choosing artwork which will give you years of enjoyment.

More than just an investment:

We recommend buying Irish art because you love it- not just as an investment. The overarching criteria should be to choose art that you like. Recently, however, there has been an increase in the value of modern and contemporary Irish pieces from both living and dead artists. Smart collectors are choosing to invest in Irish art and

Auctions, a great place to start:

Auctions have viewings before the auction. You have to fall in love with the piece, as you have to hang it on your wall and live with it.!