Natasha Sherling BA GG

Natasha Sherling BA GG

19 August

Natasha Sherling BA GG
Consultant Gemmologist at O’Reilly’s

Lot 369
I always have a soft spot for Victorian star brooches; I think they look wonderful clustered in groups of two or three – although maybe that’s my own justification for starting a collection! The seed pearls studding this lot are in super condition and really add to the elegant feel of this lovely piece.

Lot 54
The size and shape of the sapphire in the ring is what I love most – it is quite a fat oval, and the colour is so bright! The surrounding diamonds are great quality and set the centre stone off beautifully.

Lot 52
I am a real dog lover, and rubies are one of my favourite stones, so there’s no question I adore this whimsical brooch! It is a beautifully made piece that really brings a smile to my face – exactly what a good piece of jewellery should do.

Lot 171
Ever since Meghan Markle showcased an aquamarine ring on her wedding day (originally belonging to the late Princess Diana no less), all eyes have been firmly back on this style of jewel. Emerald cut, oversized and sparkling like a summer sky, this ring fits the bill perfectly – an ultimate example of an ideal cocktail ring.