Brown Furniture

25/03/2020     Furniture

In recent years antique dealers have been heralding the return of “brown furniture” – pieces made from such dark woods as mahogany, oak, cherry and walnut.  People are starting to realise that brown furniture – either passed down between generations or picked up on the second-hand marketplace – is not to be looked down on due to the uniqueness in each piece produced.  


Quite possibly a revolt against the white, paired back Scandinavian style that has been popular for the past few years, traditional statement items of furniture in a room, a large gilt mirror, dark wooden bookshelf or sideboard can really add an authentic vintage accent. 


The beauty of currently buying brown is that it is relatively cheap, due to it having fallen out of fashion over the past few decades however 2020 is the year traditional furniture will start make its comeback. Let’s not forget that buying antique furniture is far more environmentally friendly and sustainable and this is becoming ever more important in a eco-friendly consumer driven market. 


O’Reilly’s Auction Rooms, whilst normally auctioneers of primarily jewellery items, watches, silver and artworks have an quantity of traditional furniture in its March auction – be it a delicate display case with glass doors or a commanding shelving unit which happens to be the perfect candidate for a remodel with the use of paint and clever arrangement to display sentimental items and beautiful treasures on its shelves.  Whatever your interior decor style or budget you are sure to find a hidden gem whilst shopping for antique furniture.

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