Diamonds – The King of all Birthstones

Diamonds – The King of all Birthstones

20/04/2021     Jewellery & Gems

Not only are diamonds the most coveted stone on the planet they are also deemed 'The King of all Birthstones'

Natural diamonds are a rare and unique gift for a loved one (or for yourself!). They are one of the hardest known substances on the earth and date back billions of years to their formation deep within the earth.

The traditional birthstone of April – diamonds are thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength, as well as being the symbol of eternal love, so if you are lucky enough to be born in April, you can claim these benefits as well as the obvious beauty of wearing this rare gem!


The origin of birthstones is thought to date back to biblical times when the breastplate of a priest was decorated with twelve coloured gemstones, each became associated with the Zodiac and a month in the year and started a tradition of wearing one coloured stone each month as a good luck charm. This later developed into the idea of birthstones and in 1912 the American National Association of Jewellers designed a list dedicating different gems to various months of the year.

Throughout history diamonds have bewitched and fascinated human beings, once they were thought to have magical powers, some thought lightning bolts formed diamonds, while other theories asserted that diamonds were the tears of god, diamonds were also thought to hold healing powers and to cure ailments as well as having an effect on balance, clarity and boosting energy.

Today diamonds are mainly worn to symbolise love or simply to enjoy the incredible and unique sparkle that diamonds give, rivalled by no other ornamental material. Whatever you believe, you cannot argue with the exquisite beauty of a well cut sparkling diamond.

My favourite diamonds in our upcoming auction are:

Lot 286: A VINTAGE DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, the brilliant cut diamond to old cut diamond set shoulders, mounted in 18ct white gold and platinum. Estimated: weight of diamond: 2.50 ct, colour and clarity: J - K, VS2/SI1, size L - M

Lot 285: A DIAMOND SOLITAIRE RING, the radiant cut diamond mounted in platinum and 18ct yellow gold. Estimated: weight of diamond: 3.15 ct, colour and clarity: H, VVS2, size L - M.

Out of your budget? (Yes, mine too!) how about a diamond solitaire pendant:

Lots 270 or 271, simple collet set diamonds, guiding lower estimates of €180 and €480 respectively,

or a diamond eternity ring for a little bit of timeless style: check out 279, 315 and 415 for my favourites.

Also ever popular are diamond hoop earrings, we have affordable pairs in lots 408 and 409 – happy shopping! And happy birthday if diamond is your birthstone.

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