22/04/2020     Jewellery & Gems

Diamond rings


The hardest natural substance on Earth, a diamond’s shine and sparkle has captivated wearers for centuries, with 15th Century European aristocracy setting the trend for their use in engagement rings. But it was when De Beers trilled “Diamonds are Forever” in 1947, that the whole world changed how they viewed – and wore – diamond jewellery. The slogan was so successful that Advertising Age magazine named it the best advertising slogan of the 20th century - but since it was conceived (by Irish copywriter Frances Gerety), the trend for wearing diamonds has changed once again.


Where once the fashion for diamonds dictated wear for after-dark only, and as a gift solely from another, there are now so many beautiful styles available, that diamond purchases have become justifiably personal. As a celebration of love and commitment, but also to mark career achievement or individual milestones, diamonds can be tailored perfectly to individual style, and worn for any occasion.


Lucky April babies can count diamonds as their birthstone – and alongside engagement rings, there are lots of other rings to choose from. “Trilogy” or three-stone rings often represent the past, present, and future of a relationship, while eternity rings symbolises never-ending love, originally given by a spouse to their wife on a significant anniversary or the birth of a baby. However, as style has evolved, they are now worn just as often as a fashion statement, the ideal piece worn alone or in a stack with other bands. There are many ways to set them, with stones in a range of different sizes, but the term “full eternity” will always refer to diamonds set the full way around the ring, whereas a “half-eternity” is the term used when the stones are set just across the top half of the band. We love the idea of something more ornate to sit proudly on a right hand.

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