Fancy Coloured Diamonds

23/02/2022     Jewellery & Gems

Fancy a coloured diamond?

Fancy coloured diamonds are at once magnificent, exotic, and of course, fancy. Coloured diamonds are unique, rare, vary in intensity, and exude a wonderful charm. Ranging in colours from yellow to pink to green, coloured diamonds are a fabulous choice for everything from unique engagement rings to everyday luxury.

Coloured diamonds have been popular in other parts of the world for many years and are slowly gaining popularity here in Ireland.

Coloured by different impurities some of the rarest and most expensive diamonds of all time have been coloured

Recently Unearthed at the Williamson Mine in Tanzania, the stunning 32.32-carat pink diamond (pictured below) was sold for $US13.8 million.

Another headline is being made with a 555-carat black polished (‘carbonado’) diamond.

The stone, which is reportedly the largest polished diamond recorded, has been given the exciting name of ‘The Enigma’ and will be auctioned (notably for crypto currency only) by Sotheby’s with an estimate of up to $US8 million.

If you would like to own a fabulous, coloured gemstone, while we can’t offer you a 555 ct black diamond, we do have a more modest selection of fancy-coloured diamonds for sale in our upcoming auction:

Lot 417: A diamond cluster ring, centred with a certified fancy grey diamond, carrying an estimate of €2000 – 3000.

Lot 253: A diamond cluster set with a very pretty, purple diamond to the centre, estimated to fetch €1200 – 1800.  

Lot 74: A certified yellow diamond with a halo surround expected to make €1500 – 2000

Lot 360 is a five stone diamond ring set with yellow diamonds with an estimate of €7400 – 9000.

If you prefer to stick to the traditional ‘white’ diamonds (which of course range on a scale from completely colourless D down to Z which is showing an obvious yellow colour) we have a very large selection as always of diamond jewellery.  My favourite pieces this month are:

Lot 427; A stunning diamond line bracelet set with 14.00 ct of brilliant cut diamonds €11,000 – 14,000

Lot 358: A beautifully modern radiant cut five stone ring estimated to sell between €7400 - 9000

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