Fancy Shaped Diamonds

20/05/2020     Jewellery & Gems

Fancy shaped diamonds


The term ‘fancy shape’ diamond refers to any diamond with a cut other than the classic round brilliant. Diamonds are super versatile and their rough lends itself well to many different shapes, all cut to maximise the sparkle from a great stone. Many cutters have developed their own styles, unique to them but the classic fancy cuts include emerald, asscher, cushion, marquise, princess and oval cuts. We’re lucky in O’Reilly’s to always have a great selection of these different shapes.


Marquise diamonds tend to suit those with long fingers; their styling is elegant and clean, although it’s essential that the setting is appropriate to protect each sharp tip of the diamond.


Cushion cuts often appeal to those who love vintage pieces; after all the cushion is really a graduation of one of the earlier diamond cuts, the old mine cut.  They can be more rectangular or square in shape, but all will have what we call brilliant faceting and rounded corners.


Emerald and asscher cuts are what jewellers call ‘stepped’ cuts; they are rectangular and square in shape respectfully, with bevelled corners and are prized for their symmetry, with fewer, longer facets than, for example, the brilliant faceting of a traditional round. It makes them sparkle in their own unique way.


Princess cuts are square, with sharp corners, which again like their marquise counterparts should be protected by their settings. They hold great appeal for those that like clean lines and great symmetry, but want more traditional sparkle than a stepped cut can offer.


Oval cuts are universally flattering; with megawatt sparkle they also tend to look bigger than round diamonds of equal carat weight.

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