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Retro is the flavour of the day

13/11/2023     Jewellery & Gems



Lot 446 - A 1940’s gold tank bracelet, I love the simplicity of this piece. In the post war era the bold architectural style of the late Art Deco period prevailed yet the style was simplified due to scarcity of materials. Gold and precious gems were hard to come by so thin sheets of gold were often used to create hollow pieces to give the impression of bulk and substance. This bracelet is a beautiful example of this, each link is beautifully created yet hollow. These bracelets are very in - vogue as they are chunky and make a statement, a lot of these pieces did not survive as the chunky style became unpopular until the 1980’s and the gold was often melted to repurpose, so these are real collector’s pieces.  This is estimated to sell between €4000 – 5000.


Lot 460 is a 1930’s Late Art Deco two stone diamond ring, it has the classic scrolled architectural design indicative of the period, again I love the simplistic yet bold statement of the designs in this era, they moved on from the complexity of the earlier Art Deco designs and gain a sleek, angular and shaped form that is particularly pleasing. This ring is set with two old cut diamonds weighing 1.60 ct in total, mounted in platinum, it is estimated to sell between €5000 – 6000.


Lot 443 is a stunning retro emerald single stone ring, this Columbian emerald of 4.86 ct is mounted in a gold mount with the scrolled shoulders that were so popular in the post war era. This ring was purchased in Columbia, the emerald is displaying a beautiful blue green hue, which is why Columbian emeralds are so revered, you just don’t get the same green in emeralds mined in other parts of the world. This ring is estimated to sell between €4800 – 5800

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