Spotlight on a Designer – Georges Lenfant

12/08/2022     Jewellery & Gems

Georges Lenfant was a master goldsmith whose exquisite work was sold throughout the 20th Century by the best-known luxury jewellery houses such as Cartier, Bulgari, Van Cleef & Arpels & Vacheron Constantin, as well as designing well knows pieces for these houses such as the iconic Chaine D’ancre for Hermes, Lenfant created and designed a stunning array of jewellery under his own distinctive trademark. Known as the unsung hero of the jewellery world, he was born into the trade, studying in Paris and abroad as a young man, he first registered his own maker’s mark in 1909, he was joined by his son Jacques at the tender age of 11 who eventually took over the business and was responsible for the most iconic designs associated with the brand in the Mid – Century.

                                                                                            Georges Lenfant bracelet

During this period in the 1960’s and 70’s the Lenfant workshop produced many beautiful gold chains, bracelets, and necklaces which what is what they are best known for today. Jacques Lenfant who continued to use his father’s trademark was fascinated by the art of the goldsmith and the myriad of different patterns, shaped and textures that could be used to create an array of designs in chain and gold. Finely woven textures, a combination of different colour golds and different circular and twist motifs are typical of their pieces. Always very finely made, the designs are timeless and remain very wearable and sought after today.

We have a stunning example of an exquisitely made flat woven chain link cuff bracelet in our forthcoming August auction, the colour is sumptuous and the craftsmanship incredible. Lot 366, made in 18ct gold carries an estimate of €9500 – 11500 and really is one of a kind.

                                                                                      Georges Lenfant bracelet

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