Spotlight on an Artist: Elie Bernadac

11/07/2022     General News, Artworks


                                         Ellie Bernadac

Elie Bernadac was born in 1913 in Auch, a town in southwestern France. He was no stranger to the fine arts as he was emersed in it from a young age, with a particular influence from his grandfather, the renowned potter Henri Bernard de la Croix. Despite his predetermined proximity to important people in the art world, Bernadac continued to work hard to make an independent name for himself.

 Bernadac’s works are primarily seascapes, focusing on the maritime culture in the south of France, incorporating the activities of locals throughout his scenes. In this month’s auction, we have a spectacular example of his work in Lot 579. This work depicts a boat with fishermen working on board. Bernadac’s heavily applied oil paint combined with his loose palette knife technique gives movement to the reflective water. The lightly dappled sky contrasts the boat in the foreground, emphasizing the detail in the drapery of the sales and the planks on the exterior.


This is a lively work with rich lighting and expressive brush strokes, inviting the viewer into the scene to embrace the fishing culture that still lives on in the luxurious French Riviera.


Elie Bernadac died in Nice in 1999.

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