Sustainability at Auctions

Buying second-hand jewellery

13/10/2022     Latest News

There are many benefits to buying and selling at auction; economically speaking it is much more beneficial for the pocket of the buyer compared to general retailers, the opportunity to buy unique and sometimes rare pieces that are not mass-produced, as well as the experience of bidding and getting involved in the buzz of the auction. However, there is also one major positive factor that plays a role in the auction world, and this is sustainability.

We are used to the term ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ when it comes to everyday materials such as paper and plastic, but this can also be applied to the buying and selling of jewellery and fine art. Buying pre-loved jewellery rather than mass-produced pieces can have a great impact on the environment, lowering your carbon footprint while also creating peace of mind when purchasing an expensive item. Buying second hand jewellery reduces the overall impact that mining of precious stones and metals has on the planet.

When buying these pre-loved items, you have the clear conscience that you are not contributing to the carbon footprint of the jewellery industry. If you choose to buy an antique piece of jewellery, you are extending the life cycle of both the piece itself but also making the most of the resources that were used to create the piece in the first place, almost making the sacrifices of the ecosystem worthwhile. The antique and vintage pieces of jewellery that are available at auction are from time periods in which everything was made individually and with great care, making each piece unique, of high standards, and with special character; this also means the quality of the items are of a higher rating and will in turn last longer, as has been proven by their already long lives.

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