The Diamond Solitaire

17/05/2022     Jewellery & Gems

The diamond solitaire ring, which usually features a single diamond in a precious metal setting is probably the most iconic and timeless piece of jewellery there is. Its simplicity in design and symbol of everlasting love makes it one of the most sought after and best-selling jewellery items here at O’Reilly’s.

The solitaire diamond ring has a long history. Its origins can be traced back to Ancient Roman times when a ring symbolised life and eternity and was used as a public pledge of marriage between a couple. The discovery of diamond mines in Africa during the Victorian era made diamonds more readily available and the style became popular with married couples to be.

In 1948 De Beers first introduced the famous phrase “A diamond is forever”, confirming the solitaire ring’s position as a true jewellery icon and the ultimate symbol of enduring love. 

Although there are many styles of a diamond ring, the solitaire is a classic design with a timeless quality that makes it universally appealing.

It is versatile and simple, worn on its own, paired with an eternity band or a wedding band, there is a diamond solitaire ring to suit every taste and lifestyle. 

Our May auction, as always, features a great selection of diamond solitaire rings, from modern brilliant cuts to the more unique antique cuts, princess, cushion and marquise cuts, with estimates to suit all budgets. Check out a selection here and see our full catalogue at

Lot 358 is a stunner of a ring, the large brilliant-cut diamond claw set in white metal. Estimated: weight of diamond: 3.60 ct. Estimate:  €30,000 – 34,0000

Lot 383 is a gorgeous antique ring, the old cut diamond retaining its original early 20th century 18ct white gold setting. Estimated: weight of diamond: 2.45 ct. Estimate:  €8000 – 10,000

Lot 357; a vintage diamond solitaire ring, the brilliant-cut diamond is in a mid-20th century setting. Estimated: weight of diamond: 1.53 ct. Estimate:   €6000 – 8000

Lot 62 features a brilliant-cut diamond in a collet setting, this style is handy for stacking with other rings, €650 – 850

Lot 149; the solitaire with a halo diamond surround has enjoyed the popularity of late, this example has a centre diamond of 0.70 ct. €1300 – 1800

Lot 349; a princess cut diamond mounted in 18ct white gold. Estimated: weight of diamond: 0.85 ct. €1000 - 1400

The Diamond Solitaire

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