The perks of buying pre-loved jewellery at auction

Buying pre-loved jewellery helps to lessen environmental impact

17/01/2023     General News


Better Value: Jewellery pieces at auction are generally on reserve for around one third of their retail price! New jewellery attracts VAT, not to mention high retail mark-up. Buying a second-hand piece of jewellery at auction means that VAT is exempt. Even when including auctioneers’ fees, pre-loved jewellery will still be priced around 25-50% of its original retail cost.


Sustainability: Behind the shine and sparkle of fine jewellery lie environmental (and sustainability) concerns. The reality is that the mining of precious metals, diamonds and other gemstones can have a huge impact on the planet, but buying pre-loved jewellery helps to lessen environmental impact by minimizing demand for newly mined material


Uniqueness: Antique and vintage pieces are usually handcrafted, and it is unlikely that you will find two pieces of are the same. This means no one else will have the same piece you have-bonus! Pre-loved jewellery often has an interesting provenance, and you become the latest caretaker in its rich history.



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