Through the Loupe - Spotlight on Ruby – Birthstone for July

09/07/2022     Jewellery & Gems

Ruby is one of the most beautiful, rare and precious of gemstones, gem-quality rubies are revered for their blood-red colour and transparency. They are the red version of the mineral Corundum; in the same family as blue and other coloured sapphires, but much rarer. Coloured by chromium its name comes from the Latin Ruber meaning red, legend has it that the lucky owner of a fine ruby was said to be assured of a life lived in peace and concord with all men!

Untreated fine quality rubies are rare and therefore very expensive, most rubies are heat-treated to improve the colour and/or flux healed to improve clarity, these are permanent treatments which are industry accepted and make it possible for more people to own these lovely stones.

Rubies are commonly mined in Thailand, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania and Burma, but Burmese rubies are the most sought after due to their intense red colour and fine clarity.

Rubies are the birthstone for July, so if you are lucky enough to have a birthday coming up, maybe you are in for a treat! It is also traditionally given as a 40th wedding anniversary gift.

We have a fine selection of rubies in our upcoming auction, rubies are often paired with diamonds as they compliment each other beautifully.

                                      Ruby and diamond three stone ring                                        Ruby and diamond cluster ring

Lot 162 is a fine ruby and diamond three-stone ring, the oval ruby is set between two circular diamonds and is estimated to sell between €3000 and €4000. Lot 275 is a stunning diamond marquise ring within a border of rubies, the centre stone is 2.66 ct and the lower estimate is €15,000. 

                                                                                             ruby and diamond cocktail ring

My favourite is Lot 440, an unusual vintage 1960s ruby and diamond cluster ring estimated to sell between €1100 – 1400. Lot 344 is a unique ruby and emerald cross-over ring, estimate: €950 – 1150, lot 377 is a very pretty ruby and diamond half eternity ring €600 – 800, we also have a lovely example of a traditional oval ruby and diamond cluster pendant which is estimated to sell between €650 and €850, happy birthday and happy bidding!

                                       ruby and emerald modern ring                                          ruby and diamond half eternity ring

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