Time to buy a clock?

As well as their obvious practicality in society clocks have a cultural and symbolic significance.

19/10/2023     Watches

Clocks are simple devices but their cultural and decorative importance cannot be overstated. Time – keeping dates back to Ancient Egypt where sundials measured the movement of the sun, mechanical clocks were developed in the Middle Ages while the 17th & 18th centuries saw the introduction of second and minute hands as well as portable pocket watches; the industrial revolution led to mass production of affordable time pieces for the general population and the 20th century saw revolutionary advancements with highly accurate quartz and electronic clocks now ubiquitous in homes and work places.

As well as their obvious practicality in society clocks have a cultural and symbolic significance, they mark celebrations, religious observances and even social gatherings, the chiming or striking of a clock is a comforting and familiar sound that connects people to their heritage.

Not only useful, clocks are highly aesthetic and have been used as decorative objects since their inception. In the 18th century clocks became an integral part of interior design whereas the Victorian era saw an explosion of creativity in clocks with ornate mantle clocks, wall clocks and even novelty clocks becoming popular as decorative elements in the home.

Why not help to preserve the long history of clocks as decorative objects of art and craftmanship while bringing character and charm to your home?

We have a few highly collectible clocks for sale in our October auction:

Lot 487 is a very unusual and highly decorative late 19th Century clock in form of a globe by Antoinne Redier estimated to sell between €3000 – 4000,

another unique timepiece in the form of a harp is offered as lot 488 with a lower estimate of €250,


lot 459 is a striking Edwardian neoclassical mantle clock expected to fetch upwards of €300

and for mere €60 you can purchase a novelty bubble clock by Omega; lot 512


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