Why Buy a Second Hand Rolex

Rolex is a brand synonymous with quality and class

14/06/2024     Watches


Rolex is a brand synonymous with quality and class, and while the brand has been consistently popular among consumers, wearing the ‘crown’ of watches as it were, the Rolex revival has come in a second-hand and sustainable form. The demand for the iconic watch has led to years-long waiting lists among retailers, and has put great pressure on the company itself to produce a high number of products while also keeping up their standards of quality.

Each model of Rolex watches are classic, and their styles do not date; this timeless feature of the Rolex is one of many benefits to buying second-hand. Rolex as a company is constantly evolving but their watches are instantly recognisable. Buying a Rolex watch second-hand means you are guaranteed the high quality of the brand, while not paying the retail price tags or waiting for years for it to be produced. Pre-loved Rolex watches are often in very good condition, and still have the papers and box they were bought with; this is because the owner of a Rolex appreciates their value and cares for their watch.

In this month’s auction, we have a gent’s stainless steel Rolex Yacht Master. The watch is in very good condition and comes with the box, outer box, papers, and spare links. This lot is great value compared to retail price and you can own it as soon as the hammer goes down, rather than waiting 2-4 years! If you have a Rolex you no longer wear, or are looking to upgrade your timepiece, please do get in touch and we would be more than happy to help!

                                 Lot 396, June 26th 2024


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