Pearls for Girls

Pearls for Girls

14 January



Prized for their smooth lustre, the light that bounces off pearls is very flattering, especially when they are worn as a necklace. Even tiny studs help frame the face in a soft glow. So when shopping for pearls, this is a key characteristic to look out for – the smoother and brighter the glow, the more expensive the pearls will be. Any nicks, scratches, or dull areas will lower the price of a piece. This is also why care needs to be taken when wearing pearls; they should only be put on after all perfume and makeup, as the chemicals in both lead to discolouration and damage of beautiful pieces. All pearl necklaces and bracelets should be strung every few years, to freshen up the silk and avoid the threads breaking. O’Reilly’s can happily recommend where to have this done.


As well as traditionally-strung strands and earrings studs, at O’Reilly’s we are fortunate to have pieces that really show off a beautiful array of pearl designs and settings. We have a wide variety in the forthcoming January auction! Below, a brief selection – but for more, see the our full catalogue

Lot 40; pearl and diamond drop earrings

Lot 115; pearl and diamond earrings and pendant

Lot 183; Antique pearl, diamond and gold floral cluster choker, in fitted case

Lot 191; pearl necklace with cluster clasp