Promise rings

Promise rings

30 November

Lot 107, an early 20th Century diamond bracelet.

A marriage proposal can be daunting enough without the pressure of choosing The Ring too! There are lots of reasons to wait and choose the ring as a couple – but it’s nice to still want the proposal to be a surprise and it is lovely to have a token to present at the big moment to commemorate the occasion – and to seal the deal! Whatever jewel is used will remain special for years to come, which is why we love the idea of picking something precious that can continue to be worn long after the final engagement ring is selected. Below, a are a few of our favourites – whether you’re proposing to her, or him.

Eternity rings

A slim diamond band is ideal for use as a token ring. With a hint of understated sparkle, it is a lovely placeholder for something bigger to come! What’s more, it will look wonderful worn in a stack with the final set of rings, or even on the opposite hand as a beautiful way to remember the day by. Our top tip if choosing one of these as a surprise is to pick one with stones just half the way around – that way they can be sized if the fit isn’t totally perfect, as those fully set with diamonds can’t be. Lot 507 above from our December auction is a beautiful example of a half eternity ring, set with brilliant cut diamonds.

Lot 426, a diamond bracelet by Cartier

Diamond bracelets

These are an unexpected but surprisingly practical choice! Forever timeless and elegant, depending on the size of the stones, this is another option that could be incorporated into an everyday jewellery wardrobe – but would also be a lovely touch saved and worn on the wedding day and for other special occasions.

Lot 353, a diamond line bracelet
Lot 528, a vintage gold Omega wristwatch.


A classic timepiece never goes amiss, and they make a particularly great gift when it comes to proposing to men! We love the idea of engraving the reverse of the case with a special message or date.

Lot 527, a 1950’s vintage Rolex wristwatch.