Rubies for Christmas

Rubies for Christmas

01 December


Nothing gets us in to the mood for Christmas quite like the sparkle of a ruby. The deep red hue, referred to as ‘pigeon’s-blood’ in its best quality has been admired for centuries by nobility and celebrity alike – who can forget the video of Elizabeth Taylor receiving a diamond and ruby Cartier suite from Mike Todd on a summer’s day –she was so delighted she jumped straight into her pool, jewels and all.


The rich colour of a ruby evokes romance, passion and fire – but another reason they are adored is their resilience; these are stones that are hard wearing. It is for that reason that they are perfect set into line bracelets as well as rings – two pieces that are open to knocks far more than a necklace or pair of earrings.


This month at O’Reilly’s there are some very fine examples of rubies – set with diamonds they feel perfect for the festive season ahead, but the timeless designs will ensure they will be loved all year round. Ones to watch include:


Over ten carats of rubies and seven carats of diamonds make this pair of earrings by Bond Street jeweller David Morris truly spectacular. The original receipt will attest to the excellent value found at O’Reilly’s – even at the higher end of the market.


An antique ruby plaque ring is accompanied by a report confirming the stone’s origin as Burmese – considered the very best source of rubies in the world. The report also adds that there is no evidence of heat treatment, making this 1.52ct stone very rare. It is set to a surround of diamonds. €10,000 – €12,000


A pair of early 20th Century earrings have calibre rubies,  matched with diamonds in a bold geometric design, finished beautifully with four cabochon rubies either side. €600 – €700