Spotlight on a designer – Kutchinsky

Spotlight on a designer – Kutchinsky

19 August

Spotlight on a designer – Kutchinsky

Joseph Kutchinsky was one of the most renowned jewellery designers in England in the 21st Century. The Kutchinsky family fled Poland in the late 19th Century and set up a shop on Commercial Road in East London, Joseph started his career in this shop in 1928 aged just 14 and was quickly promoted to be in charge of the company’s watch department and later the whole business, the shop was such a success they moved to London’s Knightsbridge in 1958.

The brand is most renowned for its bold and extravagant jewellery in the post war era – a celebration of the end of the war and the availability of luxury goods again.

Stylistically, the brand is intrinsically linked with an experimental streak which is present in the use of form, texture and colour, precious gemstones, and high-quality craftsmanship. It’s this stylistic freedom that makes Kutchinsky pieces so sought after by collectors.

The Kutchinsky House was taken over by Moussaieff Jewellers in 1991 which remains in Bond Street today.

Lot 139 is a signed example of a mid-20th Century diamond bracelet watch by Kutchinsky, estimated between €4200 and €4800

Lot 208 is another example of a mid-20th Century diamond set watch, this one estimated to sell between €1800 and €2400