Yellow Gold Bangle Trend

The term bangle widely refers to the style of a bracelet that’s circular and closed by form or hinge and it’s more loosely applied to many different styles.  The bangle bracelet has been found in ancient Mayan, Mauryan, Roman and Indian ruins. This historically significant item is one of the oldest forms of jewellery that has ever been discovered, though the meaning and significance varies from different cultures. The stacking look is one of the most obvious trends and the bangle bracelet is a favourite for jewellery lovers and trendsetters.






Today, bangles have remained a classic staple for jewellery lovers because of their versatility and ease of wear. With the wide array of materials they can be found in, they are also very personal pieces in ones collection, often being passed down from generation to generation. This month we have a great selection of yellow gold bangles for you to suit all budgets.