The Cartier Love Bird

The Cartier Love Bird

06 November

Cartier have used the symbol of the bird throughout its history, however their iconic styles of whimsical birds, animals and flora which are so symbolic of Cartier fine jewellery today only began to emerge in the 1930’s when Jeanne Toussaint took over as head designer, under her guidance they began to move away from abstract Deco designs and into more figurative colourful and bold designs.

Most famous is the caged bird that Cartier introduced in 1940, a symbol of resistance against the Nazi occupation, and the version that appeared in Cartier’s windows days after Paris was liberated: the bird poised for flight, cage door open.

The ‘Lovebird’ brooch has been referenced as far back as the late 1900’s and various versions have been produced throughout the 20th Century, it has since been discontinued, the last known retail listing was in 1995 and cost $72,500.

We are offering an exquisite pavé diamond and onyx version in our November auction; Lot 201, estimated to sell between €18,000 – 22,000