The Harlequin

The Harlequin

13 May

The history of the Harlequin figure is as long as it is colourful, the modern incarnation of the character can trace its roots to Victorian England when it was popularised by the Payne Brothers in the 1860’s. The brothers are noted as pioneers in the emerging English Music Hall slapstick, which would find its way to Hollywood via Charlie Chaplin in the 20th Century. As well as this timeless comedic sensibilities, the brothers helped define the modern representation of the Harlequin and as the decades became centuries the character seeped its way into film, television and even comic books, reinventing itself like a chameleon with each turn.

The Harlequin has also had influence in art and design, appearing in the paintings of Miro and Picasso, and even making it onto the runway for Dior in 2007. This beautiful enamel and diamond brooch will add a splash of colour to any outfit.

Lot 309

A DIAMOND AND ENAMEL NOVELTY BROOCH, modelled as a harlequin playing a lute, enamel and diamond decoration, French marks for 18ct gold, in fitted case