Throwback to our March 2019 Cover Collaboration

Throwback to our March 2019 Cover Collaboration

01 April

As you might imagine having to come up with a fresh and exciting catalogue cover every month can be a daunting task, especially when inspiration is running low. However, one cover in particular always sticks in my mind. Having both come together suspiciously seamlessly, which isn’t always the case, and getting the opportunity to collaborate with a hugely talented and successful, award-winning wedding cake artist! Now, I know what you may be thinking, how do cakes and jewellery have anything in common? Well not only does Suzanne Brady, of Cove Cake Design, make delectable cakes she also is renowned for her sugar flowers, which are as beautiful as they sound! So it was with these flowers I was inspired to create our March 2019 cover around. I reached out to Suzanne via email on the off chance that see too would be open to the idea, to my relief she was just as excited as I was!

The brief was to announce the arrival of Spring and with Mother’s Day occurring that month the use of a bouquet seemed only fitting. Suzanne brought the most fabulous bouquet for the shoot, filled with a mix of chrysanthemum, roses, sweet pea, hydrangea buds and foliage in pastel colours, all in sugar!

One thing I was not prepared for was the delicacy of the flowers. Simply placing them on the table too swiftly or with too much force would break the delicate petals, something no one in the office wanted to do, as a single flower can take hours to mould by hand and even longer to airbrush the colour on. Thankfully we were able to return the flowers back to Suzanne without too much damage! It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Suzanne on this project, one of which I have fond memories of.

As previously mentioned no matter the weather every month we must come out with a sparkling new cover design and here at O’Reilly’s we are always looking for new artists and makers to collaborate with. If you are someone who would like to collaborate with us or know of someone who would, don’t be hesitant to email us,